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To find out how we can help you give us a call and we will be happy to discuss anything you need to know.

All our sites are individually designed.


When you come for a consultation we will discuss what you would like your site to do and how you would like it to look.
In a friendly environment - usually over cups of coffee and tea - we will look at stuff you like and work we have done. If you are not sure what you want we will show you examples and discuss different options.


We will take into account your budget, what you want your site to do at and how it can best represent you. If you have a logo or existing artwork we can use these as a starting point - if not, if required, we can create these for you.
If you like what we do - once we have your go ahead we will come up with sample pages to show you.


When you are happy with these we will build your site.
At all stages during this process we will check with you how we are doing to iron out any problems as we go along.
You will be able to see how it looks on our test site.

The launch

When we are all happy we will make your site live by uploading it so it can be seen when you type in your web address - if you wish to celebrate the launch by throwing a party we gratefully accept any invitations!

Types of sites we build.

Flat site

A simple site with pictures, information and links. Can be 1 page or many pages.


Content Management System - allows you to update the site yourself.

Customized blog

We can customize a blog site to a design that suits your individual style.

Add a blog

We can include a blog in your site and customize it to blend in seamlessly.


We can update or redesign existing sites to keep them fresh. We can optimize your site to load quickly, work in all web browsers, be accessible to people with disabilities and obtain a better search engine ranking


We can add a shopping basket using a secure server or we can add a paypal facility to you site.


We can add a flash element to any site.

Hosting and domain names

Hosting can seem like a problem and cause some confusion.
We will go over any concerns you have and explain simply and clearly what your options are in our initial free consultation.

Payment is usually in three stages.

Initial consultation


Payment 1

10% non-returnable deposit if you decide you would like us to build you a site.

Payment 2

A further 40% once the design has been agreed.

Payment 3

The remaining balance when the site is finished.

Help with funding

It is always possible to add to your site at a later date or to spread the cost over a few months.
It may be possible to get funding from the various local enterprise bodies.

Basic sites start at £150