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Behind the Scenes @ usererror.
When you see a slick, well designed site like 'user error', it's easy to think that it's simply thrown together without a care. In fact countless moments of constructive debate, argument, and extreme sudden physical violence go in to each and every page before it is deemed fit to be seen by the expectant masses.
I think the Air Conditioning is on the blink again.
Editorial meetings in the Boardroom can be both tedious and time-comsuming.
Here we can see Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Veronica Smithfield-Whirlington-Smith discusses cross-browser compatibility issues with Mr. F. Felton-Beak.

At least Fridays are 'casual dress' days!
Me, trying to look busy
Who's this handsome 'fella' musing over some state-of -the-art puzzle, oh yes, it's me, hard at work at the helm of the cockpit at the wheel of the controls in the hub of the console that steers the supersonic jet turbo prop, missile command, express coaches masterplan that is the good ship user error.
...and she can cook!!
Thank goodness for modern technology!,
thank heavens to betsy for Mr Microchip!, Where would Janine be without her 'Winfield Supa-X1109746H1A(76D)-Word-Process-Composa-Transmografyer' [Type 2].

I hope that this has given you some idea of what goes on behind the scenes at a top web site! I should imagine that if you have learned one thing, it's that these things are best left to the experts, and secondly (if you learned two things), DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME ! Years of expensive training and a born aptitude for all things graphic and computic have got us, at user error, where we are today!
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