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Awards much like the ones we would have received if they had literally been handed out
Our Awards!
When you run a top of the range, cutting edge, design guru classic, interweb portal like user error, hardly a day goes by without an exciting new award coming our way! here are some that we have had the great honour to receive recently from all around this great wide world of web!
From France! This month we are the proud owners of "Le plus mauvais site web que nous avons jamais vu" - kindly awarded us by "Monde de Site Web".
Sadly the unclassified result in our French O'Level haunts us, but they have informed us that this award had been invented especially for us!! Beaucoup d'amis de mercis!
From Spain! We received another fantastic award, this time from eminent Spanish journal, "Interweb Hoy". They voted us "El sitio más feo de la telaraña del mes" -- we're not too sure what it means but they told us they had never seen a site quite like ours so - Muchas Gracias, los amigos!
From Germany! Influencial German Interweb bible 'Netzaufstellungsorte heute' called user error, "jugendlicher englischer Unsinn". We are led to believe that this credits us with having a finger on the pulse of the youth. Vielen Dank!
From Latvia! We received the coveted, "Plezna Nokalne par jo diena" from the Latvian Times - many thanks!
From Italy! Readers of 'Internet Oggi' voted user error "carne inglese insipida" - ciao brutto!
From The good old US of A! "Supermart Shopper and Mall Browser's Digest" told it's readers, "The UK's is unlikely to appeal to anyone, anywhere, ever..." - Oh well, you can't please all the people all the time! but thanks for the mention guys!