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Virtual Makeover : the Result !
The virtual stylists come to the rescue, again.
A Cathedral of Garden
Dr Heatherstone's shed after.
Our stylist, Joshua Sandpit, writes...
"Dr Heatherstone's shed was like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of an old friend. An horrific eyesore on the backside of a glorious angel. Like a puss-spewing gangrenous wound - an insult to decent God-fearing folk everywhere. The windows were like Upvc plastic in one of Hawksmoor's Churches, Jesus wept! Christ on a bike! Shit!! (calm down - Ed.)
Fortunately Adobe's Photoshop 5.5 can solve all that in the blink of a butterfly's eyelid.
Anyway we thought a bit about what it was to be British and what the Great British Shed meant to us in this 21st Century and bashed on a false side, a flag, a statue and stuff.

Click here to see Dr Heatherstone's shed before.
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