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Catastrophic Moggy's Nine Life Near Death Experience Phenomenon.
From our Animal (and Strangeness) Correspondent, Barnes Thimbleton.
Flipper before the incident - yeah well ok, if you want to be pedantic, 'clinically obese'... Britain is well known as a Nation of animal lovers. Mrs Janet Stout of Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex is no exception.
When her beloved pet cat, "Flipper", was tragically killed in a freak everyday fire/water/electricity incident, no one was more surprised than Janet when the moggy returned from the grave. (except possibly Flipper.)
Janet takes up the story - "Every Thursday I used to give Flipper his monthly bath. He loved splashing about in the water and used to get quite frantic with excitement. This particular Thursday I was using my husbands industrial strength electrical paint-stripper to dry Flipper. It works in much the same way as a normal hair-dryer though unfortunately with rather faster results. Flipper suddenly burst into flames, I immediately plunged him back into the bath, sadly dropping the paint-stripper in with him. The results were devastating as well as noisy, though pleasingly quick."
Janet wrapped the remains of her cat in a blanket, placed the blanket in a large plastic Tupperware tub and buried him under the patio. "I was broken-hearted, I couldn't sleep for a week, except at night of course and sometimes in the early afternoon if there was nothing on the box".

Flipper after the incident - I was just hangin' out and she came at me like a frickin' wailing banshee... Janet's story now takes an almost unbelievable twist. "I was walking down a road near my home when suddenly, there he was - Flipper as large as life and twice as ugly, at first I naturally assumed he was a ghostly apparition. He stood rooted to the spot, pretending not to recognize me. As I made a grab for him he bolted, luckily I caught his tail and managed to stifle his plaintive mews. When he finally stopped biting me, I managed to get him home.
The shock of the accident had affected Flipper in many ways - he seemed to have lost his memory, he no longer wanted his favourite comfort snuggle-bunny and much of his fur had faded from white to ginger. Flippers' near-death experience or rather actual-death experience had virtually changed him to all extents and purposes into a different cat. Even more bizarrely, Flipper is now expecting kittens. It's quite extraordinary, says Janet "I don't know what to call him now he's a girl cat I can hardly keep calling him Flipper".
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