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  The unexplainable enigma of mystery crop circles!
From our Out of this World Correspondent, Angelo Del Fuego
...a giant, miniature crop circle, there on the lawn...Paul Wilkinson is a normal, decent sort of fellow. A keen amateur model-maker and bell ringer, he's the sort of solid, dependable chap who you can rely on when the chips are down to help you pick up the pieces

But something happened to Paul that turned his world upside down, pulled it apart at the seams and shook it to the very foundations. Paul is not the type of man you would expect to find in the centre of a mysterious, otherworldly conumdrum, however that's exactly where he found himself in August of 2001!

..I'll never get my deposit back now... Paul explains..."..It all began last August, I came down to breakfast at exactly 5.45am, as I always do, I went to the front door to get the milk for my Tea, when I opened the door there it was, right in front of me on the lawn, a giant, miniature crop circle. I quite literally couldn't believe my eyes!...
I got straight on the phone to the Met Office but they told me that no freak weather conditions within the Hastings area had occurred and that it was either Aliens from another galaxy trying to communicate vital information essential to our very survival or students larking about. Naturally I discounted the students theory as highly improbable.

...a what on the back of my head?? you're having a giraffe!I went round the entire neighborhood, but no other lawn had been marked in any way, to my mind this proved that space aliens were to blame. I went back into my house and to my horror and amazement, there in the living room, INSIDE the house, was yet another crop circle, this time embedded in the carpet! There also seemed to be a strange vibration eminating from the centre of the carpet circle that no one was later able to detect - more sure-fire evidence of alien intelligence..."
Paul has now left his job as a Clerical Officer with Wealden District Council to concentrate on the phenomenon of mystery crop/lawn/carpet circles. In the 11 months since the first incident, no more have come to light. Although he has had to move into a bedsit after his wife left him and his house was repossessed, Paul remains convinced that aliens are trying to tell him something of great importance and he is determined to get the message. "Sometimes it would have been easier to believe that is was just students playing a prank, several even wrote to the local paper to say it was them and apologize, but I know that sometimes in life we are tested and I am determined to face that test, however hard that might be". user error salutes a truly fine man.

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